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Mixed Method approach for UX evaluation

Why a Mixed Method Is Important ?
None of the measurements methods can, by themselves, completely capture the user’s true emotional experience

A Few Main Features of Lean UX Platform

A Solutions for UX Research

Real-Time Synchronization

All sensor, stimuli and API data streams are synchronized in real-time. No more manual post synchronization of data sets.

Presentation of Stimuli

Present images, videos, websites, screen recordings, real life product scene recordings, surveys and much more.

True User Emotional Experience Extraction

It objectifies the subjective nature of user in evaluating user experience through triangulation methods

Integrate with anything (plug and play)

Pre-built integrations with best in class sensors allow you to choose best hardware to meet your needs

Powerful Visualizations

All synchronized data streams are visualized in combination with stimuli for individuals or groups

Raw Data Export

Data exports in .txt format for easy import into MATLAB, SPSS, Excel, etc.

Platform Overview

See how the Lean UX Platform works
combines the different measurements by acquiring the complete picture of user emotional experience.

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