The Smart CDSS
Clinical Decision Support System for Cancer


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Brief overview of the System


  • Providing standard based recommendation system to assist physicians in diagnosis.
  • Facilitate physicians to share their clinical knowledge.
  • Incorporating evidence support for clinical knowledge from up to date clinical research.
  • To construct standard base domain knowledge for sharing among diverse organization.
  • To provide unify interfaces for manipulating knowledge rules representing domain expertise of physicians.
  • To develop, manage and maintain the Knowledge Base for Smart CDSS which assists the physicians to provide guidelines and recommendations.
  • To create shareable knowledge in form of Arden Syntax MLM behind the creation of knowledge rule by physician.
  • To provide interface to end user for extracting the domain ontology from overall SNOMED CT ontology.
  • To provide evidence support for Knowledge Rules of CDSS.
  • To keep physicians up-to-date with new research published.
  • To create an environment for evidence presentation and verification.
  • To create context aware interface to medical researchers for research analysis.
  • Smart CDSS will produce recommendations based on clinical knowledge.
  • Smart CDSS clinical knowledge will grow in self-maintainable fashion.
  • Smart CDSS comes with various adapters to facilitate integration with diverse healthcare information system.
  • Smart CDSS comprise of authoring tool called I-KAT(Intelligent Knowledge Authoring Tool) to facilitate knowledge creation.
  • I-KAT support HL7 Arden Syntax and HL7 vMR standards where physicians can share their knowledge with other systems.
  • I-KAT comes with knowledge extraction feature where physician can derive domain specific knowledge from SNOMED CT.
  • Smart CDSS incorporate evidence support to clinical knowledge using state of the art tool called KnowledgeButton (KButton).
  • KButton have capabilities to search related evidences from on-line research based on existing clinical knowledge.
  • KButton assists physicians to enhance their knowledge and keep the clinical knowledge to up to date research.
  • Allow brokering service to decouple diverse domain knowledge.
  • Provide ownership on domain knowledge.
  • Provide user friendly and manageable interface to create rules for knowledge base.
  • Re-usability: Create reusable and extendible clinical rules.
  • Shareable: Create shareable rule, that can easily share with different clinical communities as standard MLM.
  • Automatic extraction of domain ontology using SNOMED CT ontology.
  • Contemporary CDSS system are based on knowledge rules or case bases and evidence support is missing.
  • On-line resource are utilized only up to the degree of information links in the context.
  • Provides Intelli-sense to make the concepts available automatically during rule creation/modification.