The Smart CDSS
Clinical Decision Support System for Cancer

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Abstract view of Smart CDSS


  • Smart CDSS is a clinical decision support system that assists physicians to provide guidelines and recommendations for Head and Neck Cancer (HNC) patients.
  • Smart CDSS main intentions include, providing integrable decision support with clinical work flow, development of state of the art knowledge creation tools having support of evidences from available research.
  • In order to execute the clinical knowledge and produce appropriate recommendations, Smart CDSS comes with execution environment.
  • Smart CDSS execution environment comprises Clinical Knowledge Base, Knowledge Broker, Standard interfaces and Adaptability Engine.
  • For clinical knowledge creation, I-KAT (Intelligent Knowledge Authoring Tool) is developing environment using HL7 Arden Syntax artefacts, HL7 vMR concepts and integrated domain ontology clinical vocabulary.
  • KnowledgeButton is integral part of Smart CDSS that enables evidence support for recommendation from on-line available published research resources.

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