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* Research Area

UC Lab has three Post Docs and 30 MS/PhD students. The research group is sub divided into different research teams Each research team is intensively engaged in their respective research and development efforts. The major research areas which are currently under focus of different research team members are listed below.

1. Cloud and Big Data System

    - Scalable Preservance of Semantic Enriched Documents in Big Data Processing
    - Complexity reduction for fast Gaussian process
    - Graph Based Simplification strategy to interpret linked data as knowledge
2. Context Awareness
    - Inertial Sensor-based Activity Recognition
    - Video-based Activity Recognition
    - Audio-based Emotion Recognition
    - High Level Context Recognition
3. Knowledge Engineering
    - Experimental Knowledge Maintenance
    - Expert Driven Knowledge Acquisition
    - Data Driven Knowledge Acquisition
    - Context-Aware Recommendation Interpreter
4. UI/UX
    - Adaptive User Interface based on UX
    - Semi-Automated Content Analysis of Narration for User Experience Assessment
5. Health Informatics
    - Research Evidence Support
    - Medical Knowledge Authoring Environment
    - Abnormal Health Situation Monitoring

Significant Research