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[Ph.D Thesis]
No. Title Name Date Thesis Presentation
48 Semantic Sequence Contraction and Expansion for Data Interoperability Fahad Ahmed Satti Feb. 2023

47 Zero-Interaction Pairing and Authentication using Moms Secret and Contextual Co-Presence of Devices Ubaid Ur Rehman Feb. 2023

46 Hybrid Knowledge Modeling for Case Selection and Adaptation in CDSS Syed Imran Ali Aug. 2022

45 Knowledge Extraction from Unstructured Clinical Text using Active Transfer Learning Approach Musarrat Hussain Aug. 2022

44 Towards Image Semantic Segmentation and Classification using Bracket-Style Convoluitional Neural Network and Its Variants Hua Cam Hao Feb. 2022

43 Personalized Coalesced Model based on Multidimensional Healthy Behavior Index for Lifestyle Adaptation Bilal Hafiz Syed Muhammad Aug. 2021

42 Proactive Maintenance for Evolving Linked Data using Change-Aware Query Caching Usman Akhtar Feb. 2021

41 Semantic-aware Data Imputation for Unobtrusive Complex Human Activity Recognition Muhammad Asif Razzaq Feb. 2021

40 Semantic Preservation of Standardized Health Documents in Big Data Shujaat Hussain Feb. 2020

39 Human Commuting Activity Recognition based on Mobility Natural Vibration on a Mobile Device Tae Ho Hur Feb. 2020

38 Robust Speaker Adaptation Framework for Personalized Emotion Recognition in Emotionally-Imbalanced Small-Sample Environments Jaehun Bang Aug. 2019

37 Extracting User Experience (UX) Dimensions From Qualitative data using UX Qualifiers and Topic Modeling Jamil Husain Aug. 2019

36 Semantic Reconciliation Model for Shareable and Interoperable Medical Knowledge Acquisition Taqdir Ali Feb. 2019

35 An Ensemble-Based Feature Selection Methodology for Case-Based Learning Maqbool Ali Aug. 2018

34 A Hybrid Failure Diagnosis and Prediction Framework for Large Industrial Plants Dohyeong Kim Aug. 2018

33 Performance Oriented Prediction Based On Improved Gaussian Process Regression Bui Dinh Mao Feb. 2018

32 Neighbor-based Intensity Corection:A Novel Background Estimation Algorithm for Detecting Foreground Huynh The Thien Feb. 2018

31 Automatic Evidence Acquisition and Appraisal to SupportEvidence-based Medical Decision Making Muhammad Afzal Feb. 2017

30 Accurate Classifier Selection Methodology using Multi-criteria Decision Making and Meta-learning Rahman Ali Aug. 2016

29 Guideline Enabled Validation and Formal Verification Method of Clinical Knowledge Base Maqbool Hussain Aug. 2016

28 Human Facial Expression Recognition using Facial Movement Based Feature Extraction and Hidden Conditional Random Fields Muhammad Hameed Siddiqi Feb. 2016

27 Multi-Dimensional Performance-Based Ontology Matching Over Parallel Platforms Muhammad Bilal Amin Aug. 2015

26 Efficient Semantic Reconciliation For Data Interoperability Among Heterogeneous Health-care Systems Wajahat Ali Khan Feb. 2015

25 Evolutionary Learning Models For Indoor And Outdoor Human Activity Recogntion Muhammad Fahim Feb. 2014

24 Intelligent Human Behavior Analysis based on Group and Individual Activities Iram Fatima Feb. 2014
23 An Integrative Human Activity Recognition Framework based on Smartphone Multimodal Sensors Manhyung Han Aug. 2013

22 Gesture Recognition based on Mobile Device with Accelerometer Sensor Hyoung Il Kim Feb. 2012
21 Oblivious Computation In Public Cloud For Privacy-Aware Access Control Policies And Data Search Zeeshan Pervez Feb. 2012

20 Managing Change History in Dynamic Web Ontologies Asad Masood Khattak Aug. 2012

19 Novel Semi-Markov Conditional Random Fields Model for Long-term Activity Recognition La The Vinh Aug. 2012
18 Hybrid Similarity Measure for XML Data Integration and Transformation Pham Thi Thu Thuy Aug. 2012

17 Multiple Object Localization based on Acoustic Signals in Wireless Sensor Networks Viet-Hung Dang Feb. 2012
16 Logical Clustering Using Bio-inspired Synchronicity forWireless Sensor Networks Yu Niu Feb. 2012
15 Human Pose and Activity Recognition from Stereo Images Using Probabilistic Parametric Inferenc Nguyen Duc Thang Aug. 2011

14 Human Activity Recognition Using A Single Tri-axial Accelerometer Adil Mehmood Khan Feb. 2011

13 Efficient Daily Activity Recognition using Data Mining and Adaboost Md. Kamrul Hasan Aug. 2010
12 Improved Trust-Aware Recommender System using Small-Worldness of Trust Networks Weiwei Yuan Aug. 2010
11 EARWD: An efficient activity recognition system using web activity data A. M. Jehad Sarkar Aug. 2010

10 Locally Distributed, Energy Efficient, Scalable and Adaptable Key Management Solution for Clustered Sensor Networks Syed M. K. Raazi Aug. 2010
9 Constrained Blind Source Separation of Human Brain Signals Tahir Rasheed Feb. 2010
8 Hop-based Energy Aware Routing Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks Jin Wang Feb. 2010

7 Intrusion tolerant Trust-based Privacy-assured Security Solution for Wireless Sensor Networks Shaikh Riaz Ahmed Aug. 2009
6 Noisy Training Data Detection: Incorporating the Knowledge of Unlabeled Data Guan Donghai Aug. 2009
5 A Secure Coordination-based Data Dissemination Protocol for Mobile Sinks in Sensor Networks Le Xuan Hung Feb. 2009
4 Improved Variational Methods in Medical Image Enhancement and Segmentation Phan Tran Ho Truc Feb. 2009

3 Rapid Development of Flexible and Custom-resolution Indoor Location Systems Uzair Ahmed Aug. 2008
2 Coverage-driven Energy-efficient Deployment and Self-organization in Sensor Networks Xiaoling Wu Aug. 2008
1 Light Weight Authentication Protocol based Security Framework for Ubiquitous Sensor Network Yonil Zhung Aug. 2007

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