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[2021 Digital Healthcare & It's Business Model (Online)]

No. Title Speaker Affiliation Date PDF Video
1 Human-inspired AI Healthcare Platform 이승룡 교수 경희대 Aug. 2021

2 최근 의료 데이터 표준화 동향 신수용 교수 성균관대학교 Aug. 2021

3 디지털 헬스케어 비즈니스 모델 최두아 대표 휴레이 포지티브 Aug. 2021

4 생체신호 데이터 분석의 활용사례 이예하 의장 Vuno Aug. 2021

5 디지털 헬스케어는 어떻게 의료가 되는가 김치원 파트너 카카오벤처스 Aug. 2021

6 심혈관질환에서 인공지능 소프트웨어 최동주 교수 분당서울대병원 Aug. 2021

7 ML기반 COVID-19 중증도 분류 DSS 임상 적용사례 허준녕 전임의 세브란스병원 Aug. 2021

8 디지털 치료제 개발의 실제 김수진 상무 에임메드 Aug. 2021

[2021 IMP Entrepreneurship Seminar (Online)]

No. Title Speaker Affiliation Date Video
1 기술의 발전으로 세상을 바꾼다 CEO 남경필 Big Care July. 2021

[2020 Medical-AI Convergence Seminar (Online)]

No. Title Speaker Univ. Date Video
1 Smart CDSS: Thyroid Silo Prof. Hyeong Won Yu SNUH July. 2020
2 Smart Silo for Diabetic Retinopathy Prof. SeungYoung Yu KHU Medical Center Aug. 2020
3 AI-CDSS for Heart Failure Prof. Dong-Ju Choi SNUH Aug. 2020
4 Chronic Kidney Disease - Mineral and Bone Disorder Silo Prof. Sang-Ho Lee KHU Medical Center Sep. 2020 TBA
5 Epliepsy Silo Prof. Won Chul Shin KHUH Sep. 2020
6 Glaucoma Diagnosis Silo Prof. Dong Jin Jang St. Mary's Hospital Sep. 2020

[2019 Medical-AI Convergence Seminar]

[2018 Medical-AI Convergence Seminar]

[2015 Colloquium]

No. Title Speaker Univ. Date PDF
8 Software Vulnerability Discovery Prof. Heejo Lee Korea Univ. Dec. 2015
7 Bayesian Recommendation Prof. Seungjin Choi POSTECH Nov. 2015
6 Next-Generation Cloud/Big Data Infrastructure Prof. Jangwoo Kim POSTECH Oct. 2015
5 Multimodal Fusion and Illusion Prof. Junghyun Kim Korea Univ. Sep. 2015
4 Location-Based IoT Messaging for Indoor Smart Space Prof. Soon Ju Kang Kyungpook National Univ. June 2015
3 Knowledge Service Platformwith Live Knowledge Based System Prof. Byeong Ho Kang UTAS May 2015
2 Towards an Operating System for Big Data Prof. Byung-Gon Chun Seoul National Univ. Apr. 2015
1 PLAFORM + DESIGN Prof. Junehwa Song KAIST March. 2015

[2014 Colloquium]

No. Title Speaker Univ. Date PDF

Optimizing Complex Software Platforms With Corss Layer Resource Control and Scheduling Prof. Seongsoo Hong Seoul
National Uiv.
Dec. 2014
7 Modeling and Processing of Streaming Data in IoT Environment Prof. Hee Yong Youn Sungkyunkwan Univ. Nov. 2014
6 Towards a Personalized Mobile Assistant : myCompanion Prof. Young-Tack Park Soongsil Univ. Oct. 2014
5 Intention-Response Interfaces based on Understanding Brain-Nervous Systems Prof. Sung-Bae Cho Yonsei Univ. Sep. 2014
4 Big Graph Mining: Theory, Engineering, and Discoveries Prof. U Kang KAIST June 2014
3 Big Data Analytics and its Return on Investment Prof. Sungzoon Cho Seoul National Univ. May 2014
2 Big Graph Data Processing Prof. Wook-Shin Han POSTECH Apr. 2014
1 Influence Maximization in Social Networks and Big Data Programming Principles Prof. Hwanjo Yu POSTECH March. 2014

[2013 Colloquium]

No. Title Speaker Univ. Date PDF
8 Visual Interaction for Intelligent System Prof. Chil Woo Lee Chonnam National Uiv. Dec. 2013
7 Bioinformatics Approoach for Characterizing Rice and Cancer Phenotypes Prof. Sun Kim Seoul National Univ. Nov. 2013
6 Virtualization: how far can it go? Prof. Chuck Yoo Korea Univ. Oct. 2013
5 Software Product Line Engineering: A New Software Engineering Paradigm Prof. Kyo Chul Kang POSTECH Sep. 2013
4 A Massively-Parallel Search Engine Using DB-IRT Tightly Integrated Parallel DBMS Prof. Kyu Young Whang KAIST June 2013
3 Service Creation and Research Predition Based on Knowledge Extraction Prof. Aviv Segev KAIST May 2013
2 MapReduce Algorithms for Big Data Analysis Prof. Kyu Seok Shim Seoul National Univ. Apr. 2013
1 Computing for the Smart New World Prof. Sang Hyuk Son DGIST March. 2013

[2012 Colloquium]

No. Title Speaker Univ. Date PDF
8 Emerging Imaging Convergence Technology and International Standardization Yun-Koo Chung ETRI Dec. 2012
7 Bioinformatics Approoach for Characterizing Rice and Cancer Phenotypes Prof. Dongman Lee KAIST Nov. 2012
6 Cognitively-Plausible Machine Learning Prof. Byoung-Tak Zhang Seoul National Univ. Oct. 2012
5 Current Issues in Flash Memory Storage Systems Prof. Sang Lyul MIN Seoul National Univ. Sep. 2012
4 A Future Internet for SNS Prof. Sue Bok Moon KAIST June 2012
3 Service Creation and Research Predition Based on Knowledge Extraction Prof. Sang-Goo Lee Seoul National Univ. May 2012
2 Brain and Cognitive Engineering : New Challenges in Multidisciplinary Research Prof. Seong-Whan Lee Korea Univ. Apr. 2012
1 Software Engineering for Intelligent Service Robot Prof. Sooyong Park Sogang Univ. March. 2012

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