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[International Journals, 2012]
J-16Yu-Jin Kim, Ok Ran Lee, Sungyoung Lee, Kyung-Tack Kim and Deok-Chun Yang, "Isolation and Characterization of a Theta Glutathione S-transferase Gene from Panax ginseng Meyer", Journal Of Ginseng Research (SCI, IF:1.64), Vol. 36, No. 4, pp.449-460, 2012J_146
J-15Se-Hwa Kim, Jin-Woo Min, Lin-Hu Quan, Sungyoung Lee, Dong-Uk Yang and Deok-Chun Yang, "Enzymatic Biotransformation of Ginsenoside Rb1 to Compound K by Recombinant β-Glucosidase from Microbacterium esteraromaticum", Journal of Ginseng Research (SCIE, IF: 1.64) Vol. 36, No. 3, pp.291-297, 2012J_145
J-14Zeeshan Pervez, Ammar Ahmad Awan,Asad Masood Khattak, Sungyoung Lee and Eui-Nam Huh, "Privacy-aware searching with oblivious term matching for cloud storage", The Journal of Supercomputing (SCI, IF:0.578), Vol. 63, Issue 2, pp.538-560, 2012J_144
J-13Manhyung Han, La The Vinh, Young-Koo Lee and Sungyoung Lee, "Comprehensive Context Recognizer Based on Multimodal Sensors in a Smartphone", Sensors (SCIE, IF:1.739), vol.12, no.9, pp.12588-12605, 2012J_143
J-12Zeeshan Pervez, Asad Masood Khattak, Sungyoung Lee, Young-Koo Lee and Eui-Nam Huh, "Oblivious access control policies for cloud based data sharing systems", Computing, Springer (SCI, IF:1.087), Vol. 94, Issue 12, pp.915-938, 2012J_142
J-11Asad Masood Khattak, Khalid Latif, and Sungyoung Lee, "Change Management in Evolving Web Ontologies", Knowledge-based Systems, (SCI, IF: 1.574), Vol.37 pp.1-18, 2012J_139
J-10Nhan Nguyen-Duc-Thanh, SungYoung Lee and DongHan Kim, "Two-stage Hidden Markov Model in Gesture Recognition for Human Robot Interaction", International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems: Human Robot Interaction (SCIE, IF:0.326 ), Vol. 9, pp.1-10, 2012J_136
J-09Se-Hwa Kim, Jin-Woo Min, Lin-Hu Quan, Sungyoung Lee, Dong-Uk Yang, and Deok-Chun Yang, "Enzymatic Transformation of Ginsenoside Rb1 by Lactobacillus pentosus Strain 6105 from Kimchi", Journal of Ginseng Research (SCIE, IF: 1.64) Vol. 36, No. 3, pp.291-297, 2012J_135
J-08M Fahim, I.Fatima, S.Lee and Y.K. Lee, "EEM: evolutionary ensembles model for activity recognition in Smart Homes", International Journal of Applied Intelligence, (SCI, IF: 0.893), Vol.38 Issue 1, pp.88-98, 2012J_133
J-07Pham Thi Thu Thuy, Young-Koo Lee and Sungyoung Lee, "S-Trans: Semantic transformation of XML healthcare data into OWL ontology", Knowledge-Based Systems (SCI, IF:1.574), Vol.35, pp.349-356, 2012J_131
J-06Yongkoo Han, Manhyung Han, Jehad Sarkar, Sungyoung Lee and Young-koo Lee, "A Framework for Supervising Lifestyle Diseases Using Long-Term Activity Monitoring", Sensors (SCIE, IF 1.77), Vol. 12, No. 5, pp.5363-5379, 2012J_130
J-05B. S. R. Devia, Y. J Kima, S. K. Selvib, S. Gayathria, K. Altanzula, S. Parvina, D. U. Yanga, O. R. Leea, Sungyoung Lee, and D. Chun. Yanga, "Influence of Potassium Nitrate on antioxidant Level and Secondary Metabolite Genes under Cold Stress in Panax ginseng", Russian Journal of Plant Physiology (SCI, IF:0.709), Vol.59, No.3, pp.354–361, 2012J_128
J-04Asad Masood Khattak, Zeeshan Pervez, Khalid Latif and Sungyoung Lee, "Time efficient reconciliation of mappings in dynamic web ontologies", Journal of Knowledge-Based Systems (SCI, IF:1.574), Vol.35, pp.369-374, 2012J_127
J-03Asad Masood Khattak, Zeeshan Pervez, Sungyoung Lee and Young-Koo Lee, "Intelligent Healthcare Service Provisioning Using Ontology with Low-Level Sensory Data", Transaction on Internet Information Systems (TIIS) (SCI, IF: 0.164), Vol.5, No.11, pp.2016-2034, 2012J_125
J-02Zeeshan Pervez, Asad Masood Khattak, Sungyoung Lee, Eui-Nam John Huh, "SAPDS: self-healing attribute-based privacy aware data sharing in cloud", Journal of Supercomputing (SCI, IF:0.534), Vol.59, No.1, pp.11581-11604, 2012J_124
J-01Mehwish Nasim, Saad Qaisar and Sungyoung Lee, "An Energy Efficient Cooperative Hierarchical MIMO Clustering Scheme forWireless Sensor Networks", Sensors (SCIE, IF 1.77), Vol.12, No.1, pp.92-114, 2012J_123

[International Conferences, 2012]
C-19Jin Wang, Yue Yin, Jeong-Uk Kim, Chin-Feng Lai and Sungyoung Lee, "An Mobile-sink Based Energy-efficient Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks", IEEE 12th International Conference on Computer and Information Technology,Chengdu, Sichuan, China , Oct 27-29, 2012C_268
C-18Muhammad Aamir Saleem, Iram Fatima, Kifayat Ullah Khan, Young-Koo Lee and Sungyoung Lee, "Trajectory Based Activity Monitoring and Healthcare Provisioning", The Tenth IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Intelligence and Computing (PiCom2012), Changzhou, China, Dec 14-19, 2012C_266
C-17Maqbool Hussain, Muhammad Afzal, Wajahat Ali Khan and Sungyoung Lee, "Clinical Decision Support Service for Elderly People in Smart Home Environment", The 12th International Conference On Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision (ICARCV 2012), Guangzhou, China, Dec 5-7, 2012C_265
C-16Muhammad Hameed Siddiqi, Faisal Farooq and Sungyoung Lee, "A Robust Feature Extraction Method for Human Facial Expressions Recognition Systems", 27th Image and Vision Computing New Zealand (IVCNZ'12), Dunedin, New Zealand, Nov 26-28, 2012C_265
C-15Ammar Ahmad Awan, Muhammad Sohaib Ayub, Aamir Shafi and Sungyoung Lee, "Towards Efficient Support for Parallel I/O in Java HPC", The 13th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Applications and Technologies (PDCAT2012), Bejing, China, Dec 14-16, 2012C_264
C-14Rabia Batool, Wajahat Ali Khan, Maqbool Hussain, Jahanzeb Maqbool, Muhammad Afzal and Sungyoung Lee, "Towards Personalized Health Profiling in Social Network", ISSDM : 2012 6th International Conference on New Trends in Information Science, Service Science and Data Mining (NISS, ICMIA and NASNIT) , Taipei, Taiwan, Oct 23-25, 2012C_263
C-13Muhammad Afzal, Maqbool Hussain, Wajahat Ali Khan, Sungyoung Lee and Hafiz Farooq Ahmad, "Social Media Canonicalization in Healthcare: Smart CDSS as an Exemplary Application", 14th IEEE International Conference on e-Health Networking, Application & Services (IEEE Healthcom2012), Beijing China, Oct 10-13, 2012C_262
C-12Hassan Abid, Tae Choong Chung, Sungyoung Lee and Saad Qaisar, "Performance Analysis of LTE Smartphones-based Vehicle-to-Infrastrcuture Communication", The 9th IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing(UIC 2012), Fukuoka, Japan, Sep 4-7, 2012C_261
C-11Wajahat Ali Khan, Maqbool Hussain, Muhammad Afzal, Muhammad Bilal Amin and Sungyoung Lee , "Healthcare Standards based Sensory Data Exchange for Home Healthcare Monitoring System", 34th IEEE Annual International Conference of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology (EMBC’12), San Diego, USA, Aug 28- Sep 1, 2012C_260
C-10Anh Pham The, Young-Koo Lee and Sungyoung Lee, "Semi-supervised Local Clustering", The 2012 International Conference on Advanced IT, engineering and Management (FTRA AIM 2012), Seoul, Korea, Feb 6-8, 2012C_258
C-09Wajahat Ali Khan, Maqbool Hussain, Asad Masood Khattak, Muhammad Afzal, Bilal Amin and Sungyoung Lee, "Integration of HL7 Compliant Smart Home Healthcare System and HMIS", 10th International Conference On Smart Homes and Health Telematics(ICOST 2012), Artimino, Italy, June 15-18, 2012C_257
C-08Maqbool Hussain, Wajahat Ali Khan, Muhammad Afzal and Sungyoung Lee, "Smart CDSS for Smart Homes", International Conference On Smart homes and health Telematics(ICOST 2012), Vol.7251, pp.266-269, Artimino, Italy, June 12-15, 2012C_256
C-07Waqas Nawaz, Young Koo Lee and Sungyoung Lee, "Collaborative Similarity Measure for Intra Graph Clustering", The 17th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications, Vol.7240, pp.204-215, Busan, South Korea, April 15-18, 2012C_255
C-06Asad Masood Khattak, Zeeshan Pervez, Manhyoung Han, Sumgyoung Lee and Chris Nugent, "DDSS: Dynamic Decision Support System for Elderly", The 25th IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS 2012), Rome, Italy, June 20-22, 2012C_253
C-05Wajahat Ali Khan, Maqbool Hussain, Asad Masood Khattak, Muhammad Bilal Amin and Sungyoung Lee, "SaaS based Interoperability Service for Semantic Mappings among Health-care Standards", The 8th International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology, Al Ain, UAE, Mar 18-20, 2012C_252
C-04Wajahat Ali Kahn, Maqbool Hussain, Asad Masood Khattak, Muhammad Bilal Amin and Sungyoung lee, "Achieving Interoperability among Healthcare Standards: Building Semantic Mappings at Models Level", In Proceedings ACM ICUIMC 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Feb 20-22, 2012C_251
C-03Pham Thu Thu Thuy, Young-Koo Lee , Sungyoung Lee, "Daily Life Activity Tracking Application for Smart Homes using Android Smartphone", In Proceeding of 14th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT'12), Pyeongchang,Korea, Feb 19-22, 2012C_250
C-02Muhammad Bilal Amin, Wajahat Ali Khan, Ammar Ahmad Awan and Sungyoung Lee, "Intercloud Message Exchange Middleware", ICUIMC(IMCOM) 2012, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, Feb 20-22, 2012C_249
C-01Pham Thi Thu Thuy, Young-Koo Lee, Sungyoung Lee, "R2Sim: A Novel Semantic Similarity Measure for Matching between RDF Schemas", The 2012 International Conference on Advanced IT, engineering and Management (FTRA AIM 2012), Seoul, Korea, Feb 6-8, 2012C_248

[International Patents - Apply, 2012]
IPA-02이승룡, Le Ba Vui, "감정 음성 인식장치 및 방법", Application No. PCT/KR2012/010785, 12 12, 2012IP_12
IPA-01이승룡, 정태충, 차정훈, "모바일 단말을 이용한 건강관리 장치 및 방법", Application No.PCT/KR2012/010784, 2012IP_11

[Domestic Patents - Registration, 2012]
DP-02이승룡, 이영구, 라더빈, 르산홍, 노콕홍, 김형일, 한만형, "세미 마르코프 조건부 랜덤 필드 모델 기반의 행동 인식 방법", 출원인: 경희대학교 산학협력단, 등록번호: 10-1163834, 2012년 7월 2일
DP-01이승룡, 이영구, 김태성, 뉴엔덕탕, "인체 동작의 3D 모션 구현방법", 출원인: 경희대학교 산학협력단, 등록번호: 10-1193223호, 2012년 10월 15일DP_517

[Domestic Patents - Apply, 2012]
DPA-14이승룡, 동하이 구안, 유안 웨이웨이, "신뢰도 기반 추천 장치를 위한 추천인 검색방법", 출원인: 경희대학교 산학협력단, 출원번호:10-2012-0138104, 2012년 11월 30일
DPA-13이승룡, 한만형, 박영택, "복합 센서를 이용한 사용자 상황 인식 방법", 출원인: 경희대학교 산학협력단, 출원번호: 10-2012-0116948, 2012년 10월 19일DP_48
DPA-12이승룡, 페레즈 지산, 박영택, "검색 가능한 암호화 방법 및 암호화된 데이터 검색 방법", 출원인: 경희대학교 산학협력단, 출원번호:10-2012-0116947, 2012년 10월 19일
DPA-11이승룡, 유안 웨이웨이, 동하이 구안, "유력 추천인을 이용한 경량화된 등급 예측 장치 및 방법", 출원인: 경희대학교 산학협력단, 출원번호:10-2012-0116946, 2012년 10월 19일DP_46
DPA-10이승룡, 페레즈 지샨, "퍼블릭 클라우드 스토리지 서비스를 위한 데이터 위임 및 엑세스 방법", 출원인: 경희대학교 산학협력단, 출원번호: 10-2012-0097344, 2012년 9월 3일DP_45
DPA-09이승룡, 이영구, 팜 티 투 투이, "엑스엠엘 스키마에서 듀플리케이트 엘리먼트들의 시멘틱 유사성 측정 방 법", 출원인: 경희대학교 산학협력단, 출원번호: 10-2012-0097346, 2012년 9월 3일DP_44
DPA-08이승룡, 라더빈, "대응 추적 알고리즘을 적용한 패턴 인식 장치 및 방법", 출원인: 경희대학교 산학협력단, 출원번호: 10-2012-0097339, 2012년 9월 3일DP_43
DPA-07이승룡, 무하마드 파힘, "스마트 홈 환경에서 진화 앙상블 모델을 이용한 행위 인식 장치", 출원인: 경희대학교 산학협력단, 출원번호: 10-2012-0097342, 2012년 9월 3일DP_42
DPA-06이승룡, 레바 브이, "감정 음성 인식장치 및 방법", 출원인: 경희대학교 산학협력단, 출원번호: 10-2012-0097345, 2012년 9월 3일DP_41
DPA-05이승룡, 아사드 마수드 카탁, "모바일 단말을 이용한 건강관리 장치 및 방법", 출원인: 경희대학교 산학협력단, 출원번호: 10-2012-0097347, 2012년 9월 3일DP_40
DPA-04이승룡, 이영구, 이람 파티마, "동적 소셜 네트워크를 위한 다중 목적 보급 모델장치", 출원인: 경희대학교 산학협력단, 출원번호: 10-2012-0097343, 2012년 9월 3일DP_39
DPA-03이승룡, 무하마드 비랄 아민, "헬스 클라우드를 위한 고성능 자바 소켓", 출원인: 경희대학교 산학협력단, 출원번호: 10-2012-0097341, 2012년 9월 3일DP_38
DPA-02이승룡, 와자핫 알리 칸, "임상 개념을 위한 개인화 상세 임상 모델의 생성 방법", 임상 개념을 위한 개인화 상세 임상 모델의 생성 방법, 2012년 9월 3일DP_37
DPA-01이승룡, 왕진, "무선 센서 네트워크에서의 지능형 및 로드 밸런싱 라우팅 방법", 출원인: 경희대학교 산학협력단, 출원번호: 10-2012-0039312, 2012년 4월 16일DP_36

Major Projects