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[Research Organization]

*Muhammad Bilal Amin
Shujaat Hussain
Bui Dinh Mao
Usman Akhtar
Jinhyuk Gong
Soung Ho Cho
*Wajahat Ali Khan
Taeho Hur
Jaehun Bang
Thien Huynh The
Muhammad Asif Razzaq
Dongwook Kang
Hua-Cam Hao
Ho Jun Lim
Dohyeong Kim
Maqbool Ali
Syed Imran Ali
Taqdir Ali
Muhammad Afzal
*Jamil Hussain
Anees Ul Hassan
Taqdir Ali
Bilal Hafiz Syed Muhammmad
Musarrat Hussain
Muhammad Sadiq
Maqbool Hussain

* Level 1  UCLab. Main
* Level 2  5 TEAMs of UCLab.
* Level 3  The person who underlined is Team Leader
* Level 3  Members of each Team

Significant Research

[Uclab Research Part]